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Travel Hacking 101: Travel Saving Secrets (Ep. 11)

Many Americans are looking to catch up on travel they didn’t get to do in 2020 and see more of the world. However, one of the main barriers to travel is often cost. 

But what if there were ways that you could travel the world for less using travel-hacking tips? 

In this episode, John Mints, who is a self-proclaimed travel hacker, shares various tips and techniques to start traveling for much less. John explains how he has traveled to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, first class, for little to no money, sharing his secrets to traveling for free.

John discusses:

  • The steps you can take to start traveling for less
  • How he saved over $30k in a year on vacations
  • Which credit cards you should get in order to save money while traveling
  • Who can benefit from travel hacking
  • And more


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The Must Knows Of Medicare With Casey Oliveira (Ep. 10)

When shopping for health insurance or preparing to file for Medicare, there are so many options. It can be overwhelming without the proper guidance.

In this episode, John Mints speaks with Casey Oliveira, insurance advisor at Axis Financial, to discuss what, how, and when regarding health insurance. Learn from Casey, who considers herself an advisor rather than a salesperson, the information that you should know when looking to apply for health insurance.

John and Casey discuss:

  • Application deadlines for Medicare—and what happens if you miss those deadlines
  • Myths about insurance sales people
  • How insurance sales people can trick you into the wrong plan
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Casey has been a licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent since 2005 specializing in group and individual account management, senior products, life insurance, and office management. In 2016, she joined Axis Financial as an Insurance Advisor primarily focusing on Medicare, Small group, and Individual health sales and service.