What Secrets? Part One (Ep. 12)

What Secrets? Part One (Ep. 12)

Financial landmines are events or preconceived notions that hinder us from making sound financial decisions. The wealthiest people know the secrets to avoid falling into financial landmines.

What are these secrets?

In this episode, John Mints talks about how you can start measuring your goals to increase your success rate within your portfolio. Living paycheck to paycheck means that you are lacking a plan and budget, and it’s time to start addressing these landmines and learning how to avoid them and make better financial decisions.

John discusses:

  • The true cost of procrastination on your savings
  • The dangers of seeking instant gratification within your portfolio
  • Why you should know where your money is going
  • The power of compounding your money
  • And more!


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