The Secrets About Taxes with Evan Nielsen (Ep. 17)

The Secrets About Taxes with Evan Nielsen (Ep. 17)

Many CPAs look to the past when trying to reduce taxes. Tax attorney, Evan Nielsen, takes a different approach. 

By using a macro approach to tax planning, Evan helps his clients look into the future to help them save taxes not only in the short-term, but also throughout their entire lifetime.

There are many tax rules only known by the wealthy and in this episode, John Mints welcomes Evan to uncover that life-changing knowledge for you. 

Evan discusses:

  • Our $30 trillion national debt and the negative impact it will have on future taxes 
  • The truth behind tax loopholes
  • Unique ways to increase your tax savings
  • Challenges for small business owners in the future
  • And more!

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About our guest:

Evan A. Nielsen has a diverse background in law and business, allowing him to take a holistic approach to protect and improve his client’s interests and advocate on their behalf. His emphasis in tax matters, IRS issue resolution and Tax planning strategies is enhanced by his business understanding and grasp of the issues facing individuals and small businesses. He understands the issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs in this challenging economic climate, having founded, owned, acquired, or operated businesses in a wide range of industries himself prior to entering the legal profession full time.

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