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A Roth on Steroids, Part One (Ep. 20)

There is an age-old secret that professionals such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and many others are surprised to learn about, especially those in a higher tax bracket.

In this episode, John Mints talks about one of his favorite topics: tax-free savings and accumulation. Learn about his secret to tax-free gains that he calls a “Roth on Steroids.” With a potential increase in inflation and interest rates, there is no better time than now to start accumulating your wealth tax-free.

John discusses:

  • His age-old tax saving secret
  • How to start your Roth on steroids
  • What the rise of interest rates will do to your investments
  • Why you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket in terms of savings vehicles
  • And more!

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The Impact of Rising Interest Rates (Ep. 19)

Whether you’re looking to obtain a mortgage on a home or looking to finance a vehicle, the rumored rise in interest rates could cause you to think long and hard before making such a commitment with your money.

In this episode, John Mints discusses the challenges that people from all walks of life could face with rising interest rates, and discusses ways people can be proactive in protecting themselves from the impact of a potential interest rate increase.

John discusses:

  • The comparison between today and the 1980s
  • What the housing market could look like in the near future
  • How people who are at or near retirement are affected the most by interest rate increases
  • The difficulties in borrowing money from the bank
  • And more!

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Is a Market Collapse Imminent? (Ep. 18)

One Secret of the Wealthy is that they do not make major decisions based on emotion. 

With the current market conditions, emotions are running high. How can you be sure you are using logic and not emotions to make investment decisions? 

In this episode, John Mints uses logic, numbers, and facts to explain why the stock market may soon take a turn for the worse. John provides a logical argument that can help you critically analyze whether you should consider making a move, or riding it out. 

John discusses:

  • Several key warning signs that have historically pre-dated market crashes
  • What the future of inflation could look like
  • How the 200-day moving  average of an index can help predict a market downturn
  • Whether it’s time to take your profits out of the market
  • And more!

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