The Fate of Social Security and Planning Secrets with Jeremy Pillow (Ep. 32)

The Fate of Social Security and Planning Secrets with Jeremy Pillow (Ep. 32)

Traditional retirement plans focus on three parts: Pension, Social Security and assets. Now clients require an alternative as retirement income options are changing.

In this episode, John Mints is joined by Jeremy Pillow, Senior Associate with Biltmore Financial, to discuss Social Security and why clients’ retirement plans require strategies beyond one source of income. They explore examples of Social Security reliance failing and how they have helped clients find modern strategies.

John and Jeremy discuss:

  • The problem with Social Security in future retirement plans
  • Strategies to optimize Social Security
  • Complications that arise from relying solely on Social Security
  • Alternative ways to generate income outside of Social Security
  • And more!

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About our Guest:

As a Senior Associate of the Biltmore Financial Services Team, Jeremy Pillow drives much of the planning and follow up involved in the client advisory process. Areas of focus include net-worth management, asset protection, estate strategies, education planning, and tax-advantaged strategies. He also helps retirees plan for consistent and predictable streams of income. In addition, Jeremy is constantly finding ways for the team to best utilize technology in an effort to make the planning process as clear and simple for clients as possible.

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