What Does a Balanced Retirement Look Like? (Ep. 33)

What Does a Balanced Retirement Look Like? (Ep. 33)

Suppose you were 65 years old, won the lottery, and had sufficient funds to support your desired lifestyle, cover any potential future needs, and leave behind a satisfying inheritance.  Would you continue working?

Would you put all of your assets in investments that are at risk of losing value?

In this episode, John explains the importance of having a balanced retirement portfolio. He illustrates this with the example of balancing three buckets: market risk, liquidity/income, and tax risk.

John discusses:

  • The need for a balanced income distribution plan
  • How taxes, social security, and Medicare play into your portfolio planning 
  • The complexity of retirement planning and the significance of working with someone who can help put all the pieces of the puzzle together
  • The three buckets you need to look to when managing your portfolio for retirement
  • And more!


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