Taxes In Retirement Part 3: Retirement Tax Strategies (Ep. 36)

Taxes In Retirement Part 3: Retirement Tax Strategies (Ep. 36)

Tax strategies are important not only for saving money but are particularly needed when it comes to retirement planning. These strategies play a pivotal role in determining how much money you’ll have at your disposal during your golden years. With effectively managing your taxes, you can potentially reduce the impact they have on your retirement account withdrawals, and ultimately enjoy a more financially secure and comfortable retirement.

In this episode, John Mints welcomes Wendy McConnell, the new producer and co-host of the Secrets of the Wealthy podcast. They finish the 3 part “Taxes in Retirement” series with a conversation about retirement tax strategies. John and Wendy talk about the importance of Roth IRAs and the potential benefits of converting to a tax-free bucket, and explain strategies for saving on taxes, such as donating directly from tax-deferred accounts and Roth conversions.

John covers:

  • A brief recap of parts 1 and 2 of Taxes In Retirement
  • Tax strategies for taxes in retirement
  • The misconceptions and lack of knowledge around Roth IRAs
  • What Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) are and how  to use them to potentially save money on future taxes 
  • How to reduce the impact of your future taxes with Roth conversions
  • And more!


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