Facts vs. Feelings (Ep. 37)

Facts vs. Feelings (Ep. 37)

Is your financial plan written down? Or do you have a plan in mind but need something more solid? Your plan may need some changes based on current financial circumstances.

In this episode, John Mints explores the importance of creating a financial plan and the potential pitfalls of relying solely on Social Security for retirement. He reveals the need for a written financial plan, understanding one’s financial needs in retirement, and preparing for potential tax increases during retirement.

John and Patrice explore whether the following statements are facts or feelings:

  • 32.9 % of Americans aged 18 and older have no more than $100 in their savings account
  • Only 33 percent of Americans have a written financial plan
  • Can most retirees survive in retirement on Social Security alone?
  • Examining the belief that market crashes recover quickly
  • Will Medicare cover all your medical needs?
  • Will money coming from tax-sheltered retirement plans be taxed at rates lower than when you were working?


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