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A Roth on Steroids, Part Two (Ep. 21)

A Roth on Steroids, Part Two (Ep. 21)

Investing in a Roth is a great way to save on taxes, but it often comes with a number of handcuffs that limit the amount you can contribute.

But what if there was a way to invest that would give you most of the benefits of a Roth without the limitations?

In this episode, John Mints continues his discussion about a “Roth on Steroids”. He shares the key points that you should know before getting started to ensure it works for you and your specific situation. 

John discusses:

  • How long it typically takes for this structure to become efficient
  • Who are the best candidates for this type of tax-free structure
  • The difference between a Roth and a Roth on Steroids
  • How to start creating your own capital source
  • And more!

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